Analyze Possible Solutions

We the people need to create an international organization, for the moment let us call it “The Organization”. There will be a number of diverse tasks this Organization will conduct to ensure despite specific minute values and differences, there are tasks for all of us. Most importantly, this Organization will hold the founding principles that America held during it’s Revolution. However it will also work to safe guard the rights to freedom of information.

Ways to gather funds:

The Organization can develop a fairly advance software in which will help monitor in almost real time, the economic status of a specific third world nations. It will work in a similar manner as Project Cybersyn in Chile 1973.  The software will be small but effective. It will monitor imports and exports of all defined values by running in the background of cashiers and other means in which productions and sales are monitored. The software will be highly pliable so that it can run efficiently and accurately. Once enough data has been gathered the program will transmit its values to a central hub. Here they will be monitored and fed into another computer that will analyze and store the values. Allowing it to present them in a number of different manners. By this process alone a smaller country can easily see where the counties economic status is in almost real time. After gathering this intelligence for sometime the people will be able to apply this information to make better estimations as to what will happen next with their nation’s economy. The Organization will sale this software and the service of teaching the buyers how to use the program.

[This process can also be reversed not to monitor the economy but to monitor the tax payers money that the government uses, from the local police department to the Senate.]

It will be key to provide stable jobs to the American public. This can be done by turning raw materials into functioning servers, fiber-optic cables and routers. After The Organization has the amount needed the contacts are up. The Organization will then mimic the manner in which the Internet conducts its self and work to find a means in which Internet services are available free of charge throughout the nation.

In short, find raw materials and transform them into something useful. America needs a foot-hole. The nation needs to be more Independent in its relations and trades. What America needs is another Industrial revolution. Anything and everything to do with computers can be taught. Person to person. Much similar to how Linux was created. It develops and is passed on from one to another. Until you have this massive database that can tell you everything about hardware, software, a specific computer language etc.. With this type of source we will beat Japan not only in production but in quality of the good.

The Organization will also work to make a business out of gathering intelligence for governments through contracts that are on The Organization’s terms. So long as it sees that the information cannot be used to harm or target anyone. The information is sold for the service of it being located.

It needs to work along side the EU
Hacktivist Communities
FreeSoftware Organizations


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